Save My Marriage Today: Don"t Accept Failure!

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If your marriage is in trouble, Save My Marriage Today is the sure-fire way to keep it from failing. This unique book will not only give you the advice you need to save your marriage, but it will also give you a healthy "reality check" about what's really going on in your relationship. You'll get the tools you need to fight for your marriage--and build a healthy, fulfilling, and long-lasting relationship in the process.

Written by well-known and respected relationship expert Amy Waterman, Save My Marriage Today is an easy-to-follow, practical guide used by thousands worldwide to make their marriages better than ever before. Best of all, you can start using its proven strategies immediately.

You'll learn:

  • What to do if the love has gone out of your marriage

  • If your marriage is headed for divorce--and what you can do about it

  • Why people grow apart and how you can stay close to your mate

  • Why begging your partner to stay only makes him or her leave

  • What you must stop doing immediately to save your relationship

  • What to do to recover trust after an extra-marital affair

  • How to stop blaming and start communicating

  • Why showing all your emotions is actually making things worse

  • How to show your partner respect and get it in return

  • Why a healthy relationship means giving each other space

  • Why you have to change yourself before you can change your relationship

Your marriage is important--don't let it fail! Even if you're the only one who wants to work on it, let Save My Marriage Today show you how you can create the happy relationship you've always wanted and gain inner peace, too. Your marriage is on the line. Save it today!
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