The Driving Simulators - A Great Educational and Modern Tool for Beginner Drivers

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Driving is integral to modern living. Driving is a skill that you have to muster before you sit behind a steering wheel and drive your car to a busy street or on the highway often under adverse climatic conditions. Ineffective driving would result in road accidents quite often with disastrous consequences.

Crashes by teenage drivers without adequate knowledge and practice of driving are fairly common. Quite often, young and inexperienced drivers are seen driving cars on busy streets without any formal training. Inadequate driving and road knowledge, poor response to exigencies on the road and disregard of some of the safety guidelines are usually the most common causes of many road accidents.

The driving simulator like SimuRide has been developed and perfected to address these problems and to provide a hands-on guide to aspiring young drivers. Depending on the version of the simulator, a student can practice driving automatic and manual vehicles including passenger cars, heavy vehicles and a car with a trailer attachment. A specific program of the simulator runs on a regular desktop or a laptop computer with a steering wheel set and all the other complements of a real car like gear, clutch, and brake with switch system.

Some important skills that can be practiced on the simulator are:

• Starting the car and engaging the correct gear.
• Accelerating, flowing down and braking.
• Tuning and reversing making use of indicators and rear- view mirror.
• Parking in a restricted and ear marked space and parallel parking.
• Taking note of road block and moving obstacles and reacting in time
• Interacting with other motorists on the road and passing an intersection.
• Driving at a safe driving speed with the vehicle fully under control.
• Driving on an icy road under rain.
• Overtaking a moving vehicle.
• Meeting a highway
• Driving, turning and reversing with a trailer attached.
• Familiarization with all road signs and traffic lights.

The purpose of the software technology is to condition drivers to ensure timely response to signals, behavior of other drivers, use of light signals and rear view mirrors at the right time. The simulation technology simulates almost every situation where the trainee driver's knowledge and response are inward e.g. reversing with a trailer attached, parking the vehicle without causing distress to vehicles already parked or completing wide turns with the help of convex mirrors etc.

With the driving simulator, there are many aspects of driving that you can train yourself in. Being a computerized machine, the simulators can stalk a large storehouse of information. This enables it to simulate almost all possible road scenarios to train the beginner to tackle different situations.

A great advantage in training with driving simulators like SimuRide is that after you complete training with a particular scenario, the machine gives you the assessment of your performance. Being aware of the mistakes you have just made, you can repeat the same lesson over and over again till you attain perfection in handling this situation. Another advantage in training with a simulator is that you can do your training at your own convenience. Training on road cannot simulate or repeat any hazard condition with the result that many such conditions may remain unaddressed.

The training takes you through a 3D virtual map. The virtual map creates images of many features in a journey by road. Those who have played games on a computer are familiar with virtual maps except that unlike a game the conditions here replicate a real situation.

The objects in the virtual map could be a highway, an intersection of roads in a city, a dark tunnel or a parking lot. The map can also create a valley covered by fog or icy patches, snow or rain or a road with bends and obstacles.

SimuRide HE is one of such driving simulators which are of real practical help to students learning driving. If you are planning to learn driving, then you can definitely opt for SimuRide HE as it is considered as one of best driving simulators available in the market till date.
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