How to Survive Marine Basic Training

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    • 1). Quit smoking, drinking and using drugs several weeks prior to leaving for basic training. You need to clean out your body so you'll be ready for the physical beating it is about to take.

    • 2). Work out so you're in shape and have a higher level of stamina entering boot camp. This will help make your physical training easier.

    • 3). Get into a positive mindset. Think about the goal and future outcome of your time spent training. Remind yourself that this is not forever. Try to remain as positive as possible to alleviate additional stress.

    • 4). Avoid standing out. Try to blend in with the rest of the Marines in training. If you fall behind you'll be standing out and if you rise to the top you'll be expected to continue to excel and remain on top.

    • 5). Move as fast as you can through all the physical tests. Run as fast as possible, because running is very important in Marine basic training.

    • 6). Be as loud as possible in chants and call outs and when addressing superiors. Always address superiors by the correct rank.

    • 7). Keep your chin held high and do as you're told.

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