How to Make Shredded Paper Mache

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    • 1). Run the paper through the shredder to produce workable shreds. Place the shreds into a bucket and cover the shreds with just enough water to immerse the paper.

    • 2). Allow the paper to soak in the water for two to three days. Once the paper has become soft and mushy, insert the handheld immersion blender and blend the paper into a watery pulp.

    • 3). Pull the t-shirt or sheet over the other bucket. Pour the pulp into the sheet, twist the sheet closed around the pulp, and wring out the water. Repeat the process until the pulp is as dry as possible.

    • 4). Place the dry pulp into the mixing bowl and use your fingers to break it into small pieces. Add the glue and wallpaper paste or flour.

    • 5). Work the pulp with your hands until it is evenly coated and can hold its shape. The paper mache may then be used immediately or stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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