Deciding Which IT Skills to Pursue

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IT skills are much more diverse than they once were.
It used to be common to say that an individual worked in "computers".
Today, just about every field involves working with computers.
This diversity of applications for IT means that individuals that may have never thought of themselves as technically-minded can easily find a set of IT skills which is interesting to them.
Some IT skills are oriented towards creative endeavors such as web site design and Internet marketing.
For individuals who love integrating the human touch into their IT skills, these are great choices.
They allow one to develop significant technological knowledge but that knowledge is presented in a way where the creativity and human networking potential it affords are of the utmost importance.
Understanding IT through this lens is oftentimes the best option for those whose personality is more artistic than technical.
Individuals who enjoy being the expert in any given situation may wish to pursue user-support as a career option.
The IT skills required to be an effective help desk technician are a blend of interpersonal skills, software troubleshooting abilities and hardware knowledge.
Troubleshooting software over the phone is one of the most challenging endeavors the IT world offers but those who excel at it are quite frequently the heroes of end users who call in at their peak of frustration seeking a friendly, knowledgeable voice at the other end of the phone.
Overseeing the server operations of a company can be an intense, high-stress job but, for those who have developed the right IT skills for the task, it's all in a day's work.
Server administration is usually the highest level of regular IT employment available at most companies.
These individuals work in the most critical areas of IT, keeping the server-level software running, adding components that increase the business's IT assets and making sure that the company is protected from the constantly-evolving threats to security that characterize the networking world.
Among computer technicians, these individuals are some of the most respected.
This position generally carries with it a great deal of authority and is appropriate for those who enjoy and excel at being in leadership roles.
There are some IT skills that can seem, at times, to be downright magical.
Those skills are usually possessed by network engineers.
These individuals design, deploy and maintain server technologies and networking technology at the most advanced levels.
These are the people who can read server logs as if they were written in plain English, can fix just about any problem and who can design innovative solutions that allow companies to get the most out of their software and hardware investments.
There are few who do not look up to the IT skills these individuals possess.
Less a leadership role than a server administrator, a network engineer's role is usually one of the outside contractor who comes into a business and makes everything work as if it were an orchestra being conducted by a skilled hand.
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