Mathura - Important Destination

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Mathura is considered as an important destination for the people having interest in religion.
The city of Mathura is the land of Lord Krishna and one of the most sought after attractions for its followers and disciples.
The city is also commonly referred as Braj Bhoomi.
Though it is home to Lord Krishna, it also accommodates many other temples having equal importance all around the city.
The archaeological evidence indicates about the fact that this city was the most important center of culture and civilization since ancient times.
One can also point out the presence of this city in the oldest epics of the world known as Ramayana.
The area of Mathura was densely forested and hence it was called as Madhuvan after that it was named as Madhupara and later on it was named as Mathura.
During sixth century BC, it used to be the capital of the Shursen republic and later on Maurya Empire took the charge of region.
This marvelous city is located in between the two most important Muslim cities of Delhi and Agra.
The city of Mathura is a place that greatly respected by Hindus and it is quite obvious stopover on the itinerary of a tourist.
It also offers a great opportunity to their guests to explore the mythological associations.
Some of the major tourist destinations of the city include the Krishna Janambhoomi temple, the Dwarkadhish temple, the Government Museum, Jama Masjid and several other attractions to add to the list during your visit.
Krishna Janambhoomi Temple is one of the major and most visited temples of Mathura.
It is a very significant and sacred temple for Hindu pilgrims as it is considered as the birthplace of Lord Krishna.
This is a legend that the temple is built over the prison where Lord Krishna was born.
The temple was destroyed for several times during the eras of Sikander Lodi, Mohammed Gazni and Aurangzeb but it was restored after every such instance.
The present building of the temple was constructed during twentieth century.
This temple has secured the position of being one of the most respected temples for Hindus of all over the world.
Within the premises of the temple, several small and big temples are also erected.
Dwarkadhish Temple is another most important and must visit temple in Mathura.
This marvelous temple was constructed in the year 1814 right at the middle of the city.
The temple is under the control of the Vallabhacharya sect and is another most visited temple.
This temple is known for exhibiting its own unique and marvelous architectural style.
The structure of the temple is very impressive that is very well complimented with carvings making the temple incomparable.
The temple houses the idols of Lord Krishna along with his beloved companions Radha and others.
The temple of Dwarkadheesh is a major attraction among the tourist of all over the world during festivals such as Holi, Diwali and Janmashtami.
One would also not afford to miss The Mathura Museum that is now called as The Government Museum of Mathura.
This museum will take you to the yesteryears as it houses a collection of sculptures that belongs to Mathura School of Art.
This museum also acts as a research center of sculpture.
It also holds a great collection of coins, paintings, clay seals, ancient pottery and bronzes artifacts.
This is a great place to visit during the tour to Mathura.
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