How to Plug in the Kodak USB Cord Into the Computer for Pics

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    • 1). Locate the USB port on your computer. According to the Universal Serial Bus website, this will be a rectangular port that is much wider than it is tall. A three-pronged symbol, with each prong topped by a triangle, circle, or square, should be printed next to the port.

    • 2). Locate the USB port on the camera. The Kodak website says that the location of the USB port varies based on the model of the camera, but all of them are designated with the words USB Port or the USB symbol. The port on the camera will be much smaller and a different shape than the one on the computer.

    • 3). Attach the smaller end of the USB cord to the camera's port. This end of the USB cord may be shaped like a smaller rectangle, or like a square with two slanted corners.

    • 4). Plug the larger end of the USB cord into the computer's port. This end should be stamped with the three-pronged USB symbol, says the Kodak website.

    • 5). Turn on the camera. The Kodak Knowledge Center says that the program installed to aid you in the process of transferring photos should start up automatically.

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