How to Become a Certified Disability Evaluator

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    • 1). Learn about the Social Security Administration's disability regulations, which determine whether a claimant is able to work within residual functioning capacity (RFC) as shown by medical records. Understand how to evaluate the claimant's condition with respect to his ability to sit, stand, bend, lift, walk, climb and use his hands and feet. Study how the mental state of a claimant might affect his or her level of concentration, ability to listen to and follow instructions, and learn new things.

    • 2). Understand the differences between Social Security disability regulations and private disability insurance. Social Security rules are generally much more stringent. Distinctions exist between private claims, workers compensation and those made for Social Security. For example, under many private disability rules, the claim is determined by whether the claimant can perform the regular duties of his job. Under Social Security permanent disability, the determination is made with regard to a claimant's ability to perform any job that is available nationally. This means that if medical records show that a claimant may perform past duties or learn another type of job, the claimant will be denied disability benefits.

    • 3). Consider training with an organization such as the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians (AAEDP). Using these types of educational materials may allow for a more comprehensive understanding of how to work effectively and better understand the various aspects of the disability arena, including the legal and medical aspects involved in the care of injured workers. Many private and disability and government systems use specially trained consultants.

    • 4). Join a professional organization such as the American Board of Disability Analysts or the American Association of Social Security Disability Consultants. This provides networking opportunities and access to professional advancement and an entree into the disability services community.

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