Peru, a World of Adventure

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One of the most popular experiences for travellers these days is an adventure tour in South America, and it is no wonder, with sights as vast and diverse as the size of the continent itself.
South America consists of 12 different countries, each offering a uniqueness that makes South America a truly fascinating place to visit.
For first-time travellers, a tour of Peru is a must, as it typifies everything that you have come to expect from South America: remnants of the fascinating Inca civilisation, friendly people, colonial Spanish architecture and delicious food.
In Peru, you can also experience the climatic extremes of desert, the lush rainforests of the Amazon Basin, and the magnificent Andes, reaching heights of over 6000 metres above sea level, which form the spine of the country.
Perhaps the most famous Peruvian sight is the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.
Remaining undiscovered until 1911, these are the only known ruins that weren't destroyed by the Spanish and they remain almost intact.
The ruins can be reached by train, on a day tour from Cuzco, or for those feeling a little more energetic, the 4-day trek along the Inca trail is an experience never to be forgotten - especially on the morning of Day 4, as you see the sun rise over Machu Picchu.
The city of Cuzco is generally the starting point for most people when heading onto Machu Picchu.
Situated at 3310 metres above sea level, this city has a population of over 275,000 most of whom are indigenous Indians, who speak the local language of Quechua - the language of the Incas.
Cuzco itself is scattered with colonial churches, monasteries and convents, most of which have been built incorporating Inca stones and foundations.
Travellers can easily spend five days visiting Cuzco and the surrounding area.
It is a town geared to tourism, with lots of hotels and restaurants, but you should respect the altitude when you first arrive - you will need to take things easy for a while.
Some of the fascinating sights within reach of Cuzco are the Sacred Valley of the Incas - including the Inca terraces at Ollantaytambo & the markets at Pisac, and a bit further afield, the immense Lake Titicaca, shared between Peru & Bolivia, the charming colonial town of Arequipa, Colca Canyon (the deepest canyon in the world), from where soaring condors can often be seen, and the Nazca Lines, a mysterious series of drawings which have been etched into the stony desert - some in the form of animals, such as a dog, a monkey & birds.
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