3 Ways People Use Solar Cookers

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Solar cookers are what you can call a green product, 100% because they use the energy provided by the sun in order to cook food in a healthy way, with zero consumption of traditional energy.
Depending on where they are used, solar cookers are a necessity, a choice or a fun item, and I will tell you immediately what I mean.
I will start with the fun part: Using solar energy for fun A lot of people build a solar cooker in order to have a bit of fun, to see if they can build something with their bare hands and then have fun cooking some food in the garden, for themselves, their families or their friends.
That's a good start already to the next step, using the solar cooker as an option.
This way, more people would see the usefulness of a solar powered cooking device and more and more people would choose to use solar power instead of traditional energy.
That will always be a good choice and I second that! Using solar cookers as a choice Well, the second category of people use solar cookers as a choice, they usually have a green life, trying to live as healthy as possible, trying to save every bit of energy they can.
Usually, people in this category care about the environment.
For these people, a solar cooker is not a fun gadget, but a choice: they decided they will cook their food on solar power in order to save the environment.
Solar cookers as a necessity The third category is the most disadvantaged and is made of people who use solar cookers as a necessary solution, as a necessity: these people use in lass fortunate parts of the world, where the fight for everyday food is a difficult task.
Women gather firewood each and every day, facing the danger of being raped, beaten and murdered in the woods.
Also, in these areas, girls don't go to school because they need to go and gather firewood each and every day and carry it back to the village.
For those people, for those women, solar cookers are a valid solution to improve their lives.
Using solar power (and they have plenty of it), these women don't expose themselves to the dangers of the woods and girls can continue studying and improving their lives.
Cooking with the sun takes a few good hours, thus, people can also continue doing other things around the house while food is cooked.
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