Can iPods Be Used on Airplanes?

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    iPods on Airplanes

    • As of July 7, 2009, all MP3 players are currently allowed on all domestic and international flights on most airlines. This includes all iPods, Zunes and every other MP3 player currently on the market.

    When are iPods Allowed?

    • When the aircraft is safely cruising at 10,000 feet altitude, all MP3 players can be used. Your flight attendant will let you know when it is safe to turn on your iPod.

    When are iPods Not Allowed?

    • When the plane is taxiing, taking off and landing, you are restricted from using all electronic devices including all iPods. Wait until you are at a cruising altitude of 10,000 feet to turn on electronic devices.


    • The introduction of Wi-Fi on flights coupled with iPods, does not change the rules. Once your flight attendant says it's permissible, you may use your iPod's Wi-Fi capabilty.

    What Else is Allowed?

    • The list of acceptable devices that can be used on the plane includes:
      electronic games
      personal computers
      entertainment players

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