Article Writing - How to Eliminate Stress in Meeting That Deadline?

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We have all been there, impossible deadlines, a mountain of work in front of you, stress on your shoulders and you find yourself running around in circles.
To remove and eliminate the stress from writing articles try this approach that I have found to help.
Start by cultivating a strong emotional satisfaction within you, as you visualise yourself having completed this article.
Imagine that feel good factor of pride and self satisfaction of having done a great job.
Do you feel that sense of gratitude of having it done? Having finished it in your mind has already completed half the job.
The stronger this feeling that you generate within you, the easier doing the rest of it becomes.
By having "I have to!!!" attitude produces negative connotations that carries through into your writing.
By taking "I am a Winner mentality" not only brings a positive effect but also produces a flow of energy into getting it done.
Using focus in this way pin points what needs to be completed now.
By having a reward at the end gives you the motivation, energy and drive to see it through.
Depending on how many articles that need to be created, ask yourself and then write down 5, 10,..
100 questions about your topic that your reader would like answers to.
Use the 5W and H? technique.
Who? Why? Where? What? When and How? approach.
Asking questions immediately stimulates the brain to think and start working on the answers and solutions.
These questions are then used as your thought pieces headlines as seed to your article body.
These can then be modified into more suitable titles later, once completed.
Having multiple questions gives you freedom to choose the one you are most comfortable to write about.
Having a choice angles the mind way from "Having to", onto a path with a less stressful mind set.
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