Indigestion and Heartburn - Fast, Easy, and No-Risk Relief

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We all know the feeling of indigestion.
Maybe we had too much to eat, and now we feel like we're paying for it.
Or maybe you ate something that always disagrees with you, but this time, you just couldn't pass it up! But whatever it is that's making your tummy feel bad, water will help to get rid of the discomfort, and fast.
When you're had too much to eat, the problem is simple: your gut is just having to process too much material at one time, and you're paying the price.
And if it's something too spicy or hot, your body may just not be used to eating whatever it is.
But whatever the excuse, start immediately to cure it.
Stand up (don't sit down while this is going on; the digestive system works better while you're standing) and drink 2 glasses of lukewarm tap water.
In this case, don't drink ice water, because the cold will slow the digestion down, and that's not what you want.
After drinking the 2 glasses, walk around for a few minutes, and you should begin to feel better.
But whether you have or haven't, after 15 minutes, drink another 2 glasses.
The water will almost certainly make you feel better, and even more important, it will take care of the root problem, rather than simply masking the problem or treating the symptoms (like many over-the-counter medicines will).
95% of the time we know what we did to bring this on.
This remedy will take care of it.
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