How to Decide on an Office Gift

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Tips for Getting a Coworker a Great Gift Finding a good interesting gift idea for a coworker can prove to be very difficult.
Contrary to buying a gift for a friend or family member, you may not know much about the coworker you are purchasing for.
Whatever the case may be that you have very little information to go off of for your coworker's gift, don't fret! Here's a great guide to picking up on small details in the office to help you decide on a great gift.
"What are you up to this weekend?"
A carefree and simple question that is generally asked each Friday before everyone heads home for the weekend to do what they choose to do outside of work.
This is a great way to pick up on ideas for something to get them.
Maybe they will respond with "I'm going golfing on Sunday" pick them up a set of golf balls.
Perhaps they will be responding with "Going to a vineyard with my wife.
" This could tip you off to get a nice wine caddy or something related to that field.
This is an easy way to set up some groundwork for deciding what they will want.
Ask Around the Office
If you are forced to get a gift for someone you don't know very well or who hasn't worked at your office very long, surely someone in the office will have gravitated toward them at some point.
Generally talking with the friendly or bubbly personalities of the office is a good place to start, but also asking the people who deal with training and hiring.
These are a few people who more than likely have had one or more interactions with this person before.
Inspect their Work Area (Carefully!)
Chances are your coworkers have decorated their work area with things that bring them joy.
Whether it's pictures or trinkets or other little gadgets they like, their desk and work area is more than likely littered with things that your coworkers like as gifts.
Their desk may have a picture of them and their family on a vacation that they enjoyed, something as simple as a picture or design reminding them of this trip would make for a great gift to get them.
Ask them!
If all else fails and you simply cannot find anything using these tactics that would help you find what they would like.
It comes down to the point that you should just ask them! Ask them about things they like or places they like to go to.
Probing questions like these will help you learn at least a little more about the person.
Finding out different hobbies they like, or things that they do in their spare time would help you figure out what to get them.
If all else fails you can just surf the Internet until you find some unique office gifts that you think anyone would enjoy! Good Luck!
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