Article Writing - Quantity or Quality?

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Article Marketing can be a great way to gain exposure for yourself and your business.
In its basic form, it is simply a process of writing an article and getting it distributed to as many places as possible.
If done properly, submitting your articles to various Article Directories will allow you to use the power of Viral Marketing to spread your article across the Internet as Website owners, Newsletter publishers, and others perform the work of spreading your articles near and far.
When it comes to writing and distributing articles there are two basic schools of thought.
One says that you should get as many articles out there as possible, employing various tactics such as paying 'ghost writers' a small fee to write articles for you.
While you don't actually write the articles yourself, you receive credit as the author of the article.
If you visit some of the Article Directories, you'll notice that some writers have thousands of articles listed.
While some may indeed be as prolific a writer as Isaac Asimov, many are employing others to write articles for them.
Using a 'Article Ghostwriting' service allows a person to quickly get tons of articles out there, but has some drawbacks as well.
The method I prefer consists of writing your own unique articles.
Writing is a very personal experience.
You start with an idea and watch it take on a life of its own until it becomes a completed work.
No matter how humble it may be, most writers take a bit of pride in composing something that is hopefully entertaining, informative or provides useful information in some shape or form.
Writing your own articles also allows you to control the writing process, enjoy the creative experience, and in the end place your name upon something that is uniquely a reflection of your own thoughts and knowledge.
When using someone else to write an article for you, you're giving up creative control and signing your name to someone else's thoughts.
If your goal is simply to churn out articles and get them distributed, then this will be of little consequence to you.
However, if it matters more to you that your writings are truly a reflection of you and your unique personality, then in all likelihood you should chose to write your own articles.
You should also recognize that you will most likely have to sacrifice quantity for quality.
There are a few excellent Article Submission services like Article Marketer that can help you overcome this to a point, but by choosing to write your own articles, you most likely won't win a record for publishing the most articles.
As with most things in life, there is usually a trade-off between quality and quantity.
While the two can exist together, the reality is that they rarely do.
In writing your articles, make a decision as to what's the most important factors for you in your writings; quantity or quality?
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