How to Make a PDF File Fillable

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    • 1). Create a form document in your word processing software. Use a form template for your document if you are unsure of the standard format for the form you are creating. Review your form for typos and confirm all fields have been added that you will need, as they cannot be added once the PDF conversion begins.

    • 2). Save a copy of your word processor document, then save a second copy of your form as a PDF using a PDF printer or Add-in. An Add-in is a free software plug-in available from most word processor publishers that allow you the capability of saving and printing documents as PDF files.

    • 3). Open the newly converted PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. Click "Tools" then "Forms." A third drop-down menu will appear. Click "Show Forms Toolbar" on this menu.

    • 4). Overlay form fields using the forms toolbar at the top of the Acrobat window. For example, insert a text field by clicking the "Text Field" tool on your Forms Toolbar, then use the mouse to draw a marquee around the area where users should enter text. Add form fields to all spaces where user data is required.

    • 5). Test your fillable form by saving it to your desktop and reopening it to make sure the form fields are correct. Continue to make adjustments to form fields by revising it in Acrobat and reviewing it in your desktop file.

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