Massive Questions Regarding How and Where to Invest to Improve the Lot of Those Who Are Really Poor

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I can write about this now because the main part of the task has been completed with the bulk of the money have been collected and sent to Kenya.
On my last day in Kisumu I took a business man and a pastor friend to see the Pastor who arranges services and seminars for me when in that lakeside city.
It is a beautiful city, if you stay in the centre, but my work is mainly out in the country or in the slums to the north and east of the commercial and business district, although I did give a talk to University students studying for an M.
in Business at the Kisumu Campus of the University of Nairobi.
But when I visited my pastor friend's home I was shocked at the water situation and that is the main reason for my writing as I did and sending it to twenty five people when I returned to Scotland.
What follows is part of the email article but there is another reason for circulating this I write to you, unashamedly, asking you to consider this project outside Kisumu, Kenya, for one man to build a well.
Martin Akumu lives some five miles east of Kisumu, and some 2 miles along a very rough track off the main Nairobi Road.
He has five children, and is presently housing and feeding 10 orphans in two 'huts', outside his tiny home.
At present they walk two miles (each way) to carry water for seventeen people each day.
Martin has had a hydrologist examine the ground outside his home, and there is water underground.
Martin's aim is to drill a borehole, and install a pump for fresh water.
He is a capable responsible man.
There are around 300 people in this surrounding rural community.
If this water were to be provided, he would also sell containers of water for a few Kenya shillings, to help feed the orphans, and to prevent the people having to tramp the 2 miles to the water centre at Nemasaria.
I have known Martin for six years.
He oversees some 17 rural churches around Kisumu, and I have spoken in these various churches during my visits.
He has a ministry to those who are really poor, and by poor, I mean have almost nothing! He 'runs' a School for Orphans in Kisumu and I have spoken there twice.
This is genuine front line humanitarian or Christian aid.
I spent time with him in his home last year, and visited him and Rosemary again in October.
The cost of the borehole and pump would be around one thousand pounds.
If you can help in any way, and I realise many are fully committed financially, but if you can send any donation to me, towards the construction of this well, I will keep you informed.
As soon as I sent this out people gave money and that money has been forwarded and plans are afoot to dig the hole and construct the well.
It is less than a month since I returned to Scotland, but it raises one massive question within my own mind and here it is! If this can be done in such a micro-scale why can it not be done on a macro-scale without government ministers or departments getting their hands on the cash and permitting greed and corruption to operate? Jesus Christ speaks about the importance of investing in people and investing in the Kingdom of God and investing in the poor, where there is no corruption eating away at what is given and no thieves robing the poor of what they should be receiving.
Is this not a moment for those who are really concerned to rise to the occasion and bypass people who would pocket for themselves what is intended for others? Sandy Shaw
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