How to View SMS Remotely

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    • 1). Use Google Voice to view your text messages online. With Google Voice, you have the option of setting up a single phone number for all of your devices. When someone contacts you on this number, it can ring on all of your devices at once. When someone sends a text message to your Google Voice number, you can view the text message on your online account. All you have to do is login to your Google Voice account and then view the messages from any computer.

    • 2). Set up text message forwarding on your Google Voice account. With this option, you can choose to send your text messages to any phone number that you include in your account. Once you do this, any text message sent to you will be sent to the phones that you indicate in your account settings.

    • 3). Use an application to forward your text messages to another phone or email. For example, if you have an Android phone, you can download the SMS Forwarding application. With this application, any text messages that are sent to your phone can be forwarded to another location. If you set up the forwarding to send to your email, this allows you to view your text messages from any computer, tablet or smartphone that has email capabilities.

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