Why American football with protector

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Why American football with protector

American football or American football from Rugby, rugby. Mid-19th century, the Eastern United States, often held a similar football game, the contestant as long as the ball opponent score line is the score. Participating team up to 30 people, sometimes more. Because of this American football initially kicked, Xu, football is still in use, and now some people still take that Rugby is called American football (NFL), the  nfl jersey also. After incoming American football, the rules change, including changes to pass ahead. Due to the tennis players of each other, so there is clash players need to wear protective clothing and helmets adversaries. American football is a popular race sport. This campaign aims to put the ball into the opponent's "zone" score, mostly with the ball or throws the ball in two ways. There are many ways to score, including the ball crossed the line, throw the ball to teammate after the baseline, or directly on the floor of the ball in the middle of the two branches of post, also called the shooting. The game is to score more first team to win the game in order to pay tribute to the winning team and give players a nfl jersey.

In 1906, two former rival organizations Intercollegiate Athletic Rules Committee and the Intercollegiate Association in New York, they finally agreed to several American football is more secure new cases, including at the offensive and defensive lines between the neutral zone (neutral zone), and each team must have at least six players on the offensive and defensive line array. But the most important reform first will pass (short biography). The ball case was very controversial, but was simply sent are ridiculed, in order to make the players in the game are more dispersed, Campo proposed widening of the field; but at the Harvard University on behalf of their newly-built Harvard Stadium no expansion of space, the cast to offer. The ball case but also American football with other derived from Rugby Football class movements, respectively, for this reason also distinguish American football and other football fans, and fans have to buy two different nfl jersey, one is to distinguish between the two football class movement, came to love the star.
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