What Your Kids Should Be Playing With

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In the age of the Internet and electronic gaming, it is getting tougher and tougher to get your kids to even set foot outside unless it's to catch the bus for school.
Weekends are usually spent watching movies or playing Halo on the Xbox instead of using their brains on building a tree house or even just reading something that doesn't involve their homework.
In simpler times just a decade or two ago, kids would play with toys that would actually stimulate their minds and make them think a little bit while they were having fun.
Toys like Legos and Magformers really did used to inspire my creativity when I was a little boy and I think kids these days are missing out on the constructive nature of these toys.
Even race tracks and remote controlled cars that were very popular just ten years ago would at least make you assemble the track and let you do it in multiple ways.
They even encouraged you to race your car outside.
All they do now is go on their Facebook page and talk about mindless things by the time they are ten years old.
And the Internet is a dangerous place now where inappropriate content is just an accidental click away.
It would be a nice change if parents started buying their kids toys from a few years ago.
Companies like Playmobil with their intricate figurines really did inspire imagination.
We would make up scenarios when we were kids instead of having them displayed for us on a video game.
It can be dangerous for parents to let their kids do whatever they want because they will never develop the necessary skills to move forward.
Their underdeveloped brains will have a harder time grasping harder concepts because we let them rot their brains out during the early years.
Parents do have it harder these days since both parents are usually expected to work in order to bring in more money to buy things like televisions and video games.
This concept is actually working in reverse as it's harming the next generation of Americans.
So it would be a good idea to buy some toys like Magnatiles that help the constructive nature of the brain so it can do some daily exorcises too.
Maybe small pieces of colorful plastic that stick to each other can make a comeback.
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