Ear Ringing Tinnitus - Two Causes Of Tinnitus Syndrome

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The ear ringing tinnitus sounds, sufferers often hear can be constant and tend to be debilitating. A person will find it hard to have a good night's sleep since the quietness and stillness of the night has become his enemy. 

The deeper the night gets, the more intense the intrusive sounds become. It would be no use to put on ear plugs since the ear ringing tinnitus sounds come from within.

After all tests and evaluations including preliminary medications have been done, it would be best if you opted for natural remedies. Putting yourself under drug medication can only worsen your health condition.

The other causes may not even benefit from more chemicals that will tamper with your nerves. In fact, one of the possible causes considered for ear ringing tinnitus sounds arise from wrong medications of aspirin and antibiotics.

Here are the two most common causes of the tinnitus syndrome that is often regarded as incurable:

1. Constant Exposure to Ear-Shattering Noises

The most common of all causes outside of a health disorder is your ear's constant exposure to loud and ear shattering noises. It's not that you are all too willing to be under that kind of condition but it just so happens that it's the kind of work environment you're in.

Should you start to get that ear ringing tinnitus sound every so often, it's probably high time you looked for another work. Nevertheless, things like that are easier said than done because we are all aware that work is hard to come by nowadays. What you should do is to buy yourself a decent pair of ear plugs to protect your ears and everything that's in it while at work.

2. Hereditary

Some causes of tinnitus are said to be hereditary. Normally, your ear has certain bone structures that are quite pointed or spike-like and flexible. By some stroke of nutrition deficiency or inherited genes, those spiked bones in your ears hardened as you get older in years.

This is not common and is ascertained to be a condition that is passed on from generation to generation. Try to do a little investigating and find out if there is anyone in your family who is also suffering from some ear ringing tinnitus sensation.

While you're at it, find out how your ancestor coped up with his tinnitus syndrome. Nevertheless, you can try out the tinnitus maskers which are available in different forms, either as a hearing-aid like device or a desktop digital media player.

Taking on Supplements to Correct Ear Health Deficiencies

Whatever is causing your ear ringing tinnitus syndrome, the important action for you to take is to get the proper nutrients that can help reverse the damaging effects of undetected disorders.

Magnesium supplements for one will help strengthen your blood cells, your ear nerves and tissues. The zinc supplement on the other hand will be responsible for making up for any zinc deficiency in your ear that may be causing the ear ringing tinnitus sounds.

Exercise caution though before taking in zinc supplements since an over abundance of zinc in the body can also be detrimental. It would be best to consult this matter with your doctor first. 

Your ear condition can also do with some Vitamin B12 and antioxidants since they are also vital to blood circulation as well as in fighting-off, cancerous-forming cells.
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