Sturgis Rally 2010, Largest Annual Motorcycle Rally

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Sturgis Rally 2010

Sturgis Rally 2010, Largest Annual Motorcycle Rally

Have you ever been a part of a sea of Motorcycles? Go to the Sturgis Rally 2010 and see nothing but motorcycles, leather and denim and some of the best play time you’ve ever seen.

Sturgis has been the place for one of the US’s largest annual Motorcycle rally’s happening every year since 1938. This small town in South Dakota hosts this rally every August. This year’s event is hosted from August 9-15, 2010. It is the 70th Anniversary of the rally.

The traffic coming and going around South Dakota ramps up to two weeks before the Rally starts and it continues to be crazy for two weeks after the event.

When this Rally started back in 1938 it started out as a weekend celebration with a couple of dozen guys holding a couple events that included half mile races, jumps and things like that. The Sturgis Rally has grown a lot since then. It was first coordinated by the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle club but now the Event takes the efforts of everyone in Sturgis (approximate population 6,000) as well as hundreds of suppliers coming to town to help put this whole thing together.

They still hold some of the original contests and they have added many others since the beginning such as motocross races, hill climbs for the professional and amateur. They even hold some drag races down Main Street.

There are many food and souvenir vendors that come in for the week. These suppliers set-up some booths and shops that offer to sell everything from custom motorcycle parts to tattooing. Some of the more popular things to do are just hang around Main Street and take in all the sights and sounds of the people and motorcycles. There are 10’s of thousands of motorcycles and the population of Sturgis is estimated to be over 500,000 during the week.

Immediately around the Sturgis area there are many activities that you can enjoy or sites to see. The attractions you can easily get to are sites such as Mount Rushmore (62 Miles), Crazy Horse Memorial (67 Miles) and Deadwood (13 Miles). These distances are approximate but you can get more info while you’re there. Enjoy the area around the Event.

The Sturgis Rally 2010 will be an experience of a lifetime you won’t want to miss. You’ll hear the growl of a thousand engines and smell the smell of exhaust and see the shine of sunlight reflecting thousands of feet of chrome. I know you won’t want to miss it.
Sturgis Rally 2010
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