10 Legitimate Work at Home Jobs You Can Apply For Right Now

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In this tough economy, good jobs are hard to keep.
If you should find yourself suddenly unemployed, have hope! There are plenty of legitimate work at home companies that are hiring right now.
Consider the pros and cons to working from home.
Primarily, you should expect to take a pay cut.
Most work at home jobs don't pay very much -- average pay ranges from $8-15 /hour.
They also don't offer health insurance which may or may not be a concern depending on your familys' circumstances.
However on the upside there are many wonderful benefits.
By not driving to work daily, you save money on gas and auto maintenance.
You also eliminate the expenses of take out lunch dry cleaning and day care which can be very expensive.
As the majority of these jobs are in the customer service industry they typically require the same sill set.
You will need be upbeat and courteous, positive and friendly.
Most companies also require that you are computer literate with average typing speed and accuracy.
You will also need to provide your own equipment.
This includes a headset which plugs into your landline phone, internet access and and a computer ( obviously) You will also need a separate landline number which is dedicated just to work.
You can call your local phone company for this add on.
After the initial installation, the monthly cost is low.
Locally, it run less than $5/month for the second line.
There are about 150 legitimate work at home companies .
The list below highlights the top 10.
1-800-FLOWERS Accolade Support Alpine Access ACD Direct Arise Convergys Gridstone VIP Desk Liveops West You can apply with each of these companies directly by visiting their websites.
They reportedly receive hundreds of applications daily, but there are a few on this list with response times of 1-2 weeks so its definitely worth a shot.
So in short, if you are serious about working from home, you can get started on your journey today with this list of legitimate work at home jobs.
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