How to Choose the Right School Shoes for Kids

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There is always a sense of excitement with kids when they are heading towards a new standard as they are surrounded by a fresh lot of books, stationery, backpacks, lunch accessories, uniform and much more.
It's a whole new world of learning, growing and exploring for them, which is always backed by your guidance and support.
A mother always wants only the best for their little ones, and thus takes the right step of picking every little thing themselves.
This helps them make sure that it doesn't make them lack in any aspect of their life.
School shoes are one of those things that not only complete the dress code of your children but also lend them a sense of comfort and confidence.
As there is constant walking and physical activities throughout the school timings, school shoes majorly shape the feet of your children.
Worn for almost 8 hours, school shoes for kids thus constitute the most important part of their footwear collection.
Then how could you think on compromising with its quality? A few right steps will save you from purchasing mis-fitted shoes as well as your children from any permanent injury.
Here are some important ones -
  • Before going to a shoe vendor for purchasing new school shoes, take proper measure of your kid's feet with the help of a thread.
    Remember to keep ½ inch extra space in front as your child is growing and their foot size will eventually keep increasing.
  • At the shoe store, let your kid try shoes in both the feet as it's generally noticed that one foot is slightly larger than the other one.
    Taking a pair of socks along to know the exact space requirement is also a great way of ensuring the same.
    Let them also walk enough at the store while trying a pair.
  • To keep a proper check of their right foot size, measure them every month in their first year of growth.
    Continue this process by taking measures every two months between their age of 12 - 24 months and every 3 months between the ages of 24 - 36 months.
  • Here are some characteristics of an ideal school shoe:
    • An ideal kid shoe weights around 250 grams.
    • A good shoe should not only be flexible, but largely supportive too.
    • One-thumb-width is the ideal gap between end of the shoe and big toe of your kid.
    • Expensive shoes are necessarily not of good quality.
    • Leather or canvas is the right material to choose for this purpose.
  • If any of the below signs occur, then it's time to replace your kid's shoes immediately:
    • Constant movement of the shoe from its place while engaging in running/walking
    • Child complaining of constant pain in any part of their feet
    • Kids feeling tired or constraining from getting into physical activity at school
Carve a successful journey for your child with some extra efforts and expert knowledge.
Happy Shoe Shopping!!
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