Do You Want to Break 80 - Here"s How?

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If you really want to break 80 in golf then you will need to strategically plan out how you are going to do so.
Essentially you are going to have to connect the dots.
How you play golf is very much influenced by how you think, the purpose behind strategic planning is so that your mind can see that it is possible and therefore you become more confident in your ability to do so.
Just like professionals prepare for competition you are going to have to prepare to break 80.
You will have to address your game as it stands right now.
In other words you will need to know what your game is comprised of.
This in effect is going to help you understand what you need to do.
It's almost like if you were to take over a company.
You would need to take inventory and study the company in order to know what you can build on for maximum results.
The first place you are going to start is with the fundamentals such as balance, posture and grip.
How do you address the ball? What happens in your takeaway and how do you swing.
You can answer these questions by videoing your swing or of you don't have a video you can get instructions whereby they will evaluate your swing as it currently is.
Once you evaluate the swing you will now have a roadmap of what you need to work on and from there you can start to improve.
As you play the game you will need to track your shots to see what results you are getting.
Are you hitting the fairways, do you hit the greens? How is your putting? In summary you want to always be learning and building on the results.
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