What to Say to Get Your Ex Back? - You Must Say the Right Thing Or it Might Screw Your Chances

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After a breakup running into your ex can be an awkward situation.
This is especially true if you want your ex back in your life and have no idea what to say to get your ex back.
The fear of saying the wrong thing can actually cause you to speak out of turn without even realizing it.
This is why if you want them back, it is best to read over the seven following suggestions of what to say to get your ex back so you can prevent any damaging comments before they happen.
Being vindictive feels good, but lasts forever- While it may feel good to lash out in anger at your ex and say everything you forgot in the heat of the breakup, vindictive comments are the last things on the list of what to say to get your ex back.
Anger, while it feels good at the time, only causes hurt that will continue to haunt your relationship and if you want to get back together you need to avoid it at all costs.
Stay Positive On the flip side, positive comments top the list of what to say to get your ex back.
This is because every positive comment you make about your life or your ex places a positive light on your past relationship which leads them to miss what you had.
Practice nonchalance- If you were the one to get dumped you want to listen up to this next tip on what to say to get your ex back.
The last thing your ex needs is an ego boost from you because they still hold the power of your relationship over you.
Instead make it clear that actually you do not really care about the breakup.
This makes it seem like they had no affect on your life even after all time which is going to hurt and confuse them all at once.
Don't over compliment- This one follows the same train of thought as the last tip on what to say to get your ex back.
While you may feel the need to compliment your ex extravagantly, somewhat like you probably did while flirting originally, if you boost their ego too much they are going to think that they deserve to be looking for the next best thing.
Obviously not your intent, so while you can be positive, keep the overt compliments to yourself.
Mention a new interest briefly- Jealousy is great, which is why mentioning a new interest is one of the best tips on what to say to get your ex back.
Hearing you talk positively about a new interest will make their ears perk up, and that slight discomfort they feel at hearing you talk about a new relationship may drive them back to you quicker than a flash.
Walk away without a closer- After seeing your ex it will be tempting to say something along the lines of see you soon, or promise to call them.
However, never leave room for contact on your side because if they miss you this puts them in a comfort zone of knowing they will hear from you soon.
Walk away leaving them empty handed and you will force them to take action if they miss you still.
Mention past times- The more your ex misses the past, the more they will miss you and figure out that they need you if they want to have the good times back.
Just be careful while you are following this tip on what to say to get your ex back that you do not overdo it with references to your past because it will then make you look like you are unable to move on.
Co-dependency never looks attractive!
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