Remove Weight Loss Big Mistakes

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Skipping meals.
Skipping meals is a very bad habit to get into and not only does it lead to low blood sugar levels it also is a known cause for sudden food cravings and binge eating.
You are also tempting fate when you do skip meals too because it is slowing down your metabolic rate and therefore you won't be able to have any control over your blood sugar.
People who eat 5 to 6 smaller meals daily will lose weight and keep it off, simply by controlling blood sugar through good food in small amounts more often.
Thinking you will 'start tomorrow'.
Have you heard of the Northern Pikes song, 'Tomorrow Never Comes' and it goes like this"Soon you'll start living their lives too And they keep saying that tomorrow they'll be done Today and the next day but tomorrow it never comes.
Remember this?, and it's true.
One of the hardest and most frightening things to do is making the decision to get fit in the first place and secondly actually taking that first step and embarking on a new journey,- your fitness program.
That's where we come into the plan, because we are here to guide you every step of the way.
So come on and let's get started!!! You know that the longer you procrastinate, the harder it actually gets and then you will just give up altogether.
Give it a go but do it TODAY! Eating from stress rather than hunger.
Are you an emotional eater? This could be the cause of being overweight or not seeing any results even though you are on a fitness program.
Understanding why this is happening and how it would have begun can be like unlocking a door.
If you find yourself reaching or buying something quick and easy, just stop and really think about what you are doing and why.
Once you recognize this, then the rest is easy!!! There is often any number of factors that may trigger this type of eating but to eat because we are stressed or tired rather than being truly hungry will only add to weight problems and won't make you feel any better.
With this type of eating we are often completely unaware or even care about what we are putting into our mouths.
It could be an unhealthy food choice entirely, one that is laden with fat and other nasties and also high in calories.
So please, if you find yourself a little stressed try alternatives first - have a cup of herbal tea instead or simply go for a walk - always ask yourself this question: "am I really hungry or am I eating for the sake of eating because it might make my problem go away?" - well the short answer is NO, it won't.
Think things through.
A quick fix often is to have a glass of water.
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