Summer Dating Tips

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The Sydney dating scene can be tough, especially for the more clueless guys amongst us.
How to talk to women, how to attract them and 'close the deal' is not as simple as it once was.
Alex Coulson founder and partner of Natural Lifestyle Choices, knows a thing or two about impressing the girls.
As one of the only attraction coaches operating in Sydney he has been holding workshops and teaching men of all ages for over two years.
The concept originated from his coaching sessions with friends.
"I'd gained confidence, and was always the guy talking to cute girls, so my buddies asked me to help them," he says.
And with business now booming, his tips for the loveless look set to make a real impact on the Sydney social scene.
Alex comments, 'The key to attraction is to keep it simple.
Most guys just try way too hard and that's when the mistakes get made'.
So what should guys do to attract the ladies? Alex has developed 5 'pickup pointers' that will help even the most socially inept succeed in the love game.
Summer is nearly here and what better time to find miss right.
Smile, it makes huge impact when you stroll into a bar with a confident smile on your face, as if you owned the bar.
Dress like you're out to have fun and not to pick up, think funky hats, badges, and 'unusual' clothing items, Jamiroqui has an awesome fashion sense, avoid looking businesslike and 'formal'.
Act decisively and approach immediately within 3 seconds, the worst thing you could do is stall when it comes to approaching.
The guy who gets rejected the most is the guy who will leave with the most numbers! The key is not to think about approaching, just do it...
like the Nike campaign.
Have fun and avoid taking yourself too seriously, women are used to being approached by men wanting to talk about work, where they live and how old they are, avoid any logical topic.
You will stand out and be remembered if you avoid these topics like they plaque.
Stay confident and positive.
Women love confidence, but they also enjoy being around someone who smiles, is happy, and has a sense of humor.
Confidence without a little good nature to temper it will have women thinking you're cocky.
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