Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single-Serve Coffeemaker with Iced-Beverage Function

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For those preferring maximum coffee freshness, the Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single-Serve Coffeemaker with Iced-Beverage Function serves up perfection every time. This new upgraded model includes quiet pump technology that brews even quieter than previous models and an iced beverage function that dispenses a concentrated 3-1/2-ounce shot of tea or coffee. Simply dilute the Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single-Serve Coffeemaker with Iced-Beverage Function with ice and water for iced tea or coffee.

The patented showerhead delivers precise amounts of water for even coffee extraction and superior flavor. The detachable 60-ounce water tank on the machine brews up to 10 cups of coffee and includes a water filtration system. This reduces impurities which gives an overall better quality of flavour to the beverage. LCD controls on the Breville BKC700XL espresso machine includes a digital clock with an auto on-off time, five brew strengths, and variable brew temperatures.

The Breville BKC700XL uses pre-made K-Cup coffee pods or just adds your own favourite roast to the reusable My K-Cup. The My K-Cup and included measuring spoon conveniently store in the top compartment of the machine.

Features and Specifications

It is a single-cup coffeemaker with ice-beverage function. It uses a quiet pump technology and "showerhead" spray. The water tank is of 60-ounce and can be easily removed for water filling; there is also a charcoal water filter included.

The ice-beverage function is another great feature this machine has. You will be able to make a cold drink and enjoy during hot summer days.

Together with Breville BKC700XL you will also get a pack of K-CUP coffee pods, a measuring spoon and a reusable My K-Cup. You can use this machine only when it has been primed for its first use.

This coffeemaker is 10 x 13.2 x 13 inches of size and weighs 16.5 pounds.


This coffeemaker has 5 brew strength settings and variable brew temperature. An LCD control panel allows you setting the machine easier; and its digital clock with auto on and off functions will always update you on time.

The Pros:

The K cups are very convenient to use and are at a fair price for quality single cup brewing. There can be some pump noise and vibration whilst using the Breville BKC700XL but this does reduce over time. Having various cup size options is a popular feature of the Breville BKC700XL especially when a smaller cup is required on occasion, or a larger one, depending on needs. Coffee is delicious and easy to make with it.

It is possible to make coffee in the morning without excessive noise that may wake other household members.

The overall appearance of the Breville BKC700XL is favourable and there has been much attention to detail given with its design. The programming of the machine is also considered very intuitive and easy to follow.

The Cons:

Some users have found that even after a few months, the brew head required cleaning by inserting a pointed object inside to clear out coffee grounds that were blocking the flow of water.

When the Breville BKC700XL malfunctions, one cannot access the menu. The Breville BKC700XL would turn itself off unexplainably. A few days later it would work again, and then stop working after a few days.

The coffee is delicious, and the ice brew feature is popular however, the technical problems detract from the overall performance of the Breville BKC700XL.

The Breville BKC700XL manual states that coffee is brewed at 191 degree F. In order to make a great cup of coffee the brewing temperature should be 200 +.

Sometimes it is found that the Breville BKC700XL makes splashes whilst in use. Splashing does not occur when sing a glass for lattee or iced tea but occurs when using a coffee cup especially if it is shorter.

Overall Rating

The Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single-Serve Coffeemaker with Iced-Beverage Function will save money in the long run by brewing a single cup of coffee using pre-made K-Cup pods or adding your own favourite roast to the included reusable My K-Cup. That means each and every cup brewed in the BKC700XL is fresh as the first, thereby enhancing enjoyment.

All controls of the machine are at your fingertips with the LCD control panel that includes a digital clock with auto on-off switch, five brew strengths, and adjustable brew temperatures so each cup can be customized to your desired taste. A patented "showerhead" on the BKC700XL sprays a calibrated amount of water into the K-Cup for consistent coffee extraction and fantastic flavour, just what a coffee lover wants.

Overall, this machine is a great choice.
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