How to Do a Powerful Mind Reading Trick That Will Shock Anyone

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The best mind reading tricks are quick and direct.
This trick is very simple to perform but has a remarkable effect on people.
Without any nonsense, you just read their minds.
How It Looks To The Audience The magician asks a spectator to place a silver coin and a copper coin on the table in front of him.
The magician then turns his back towards the spectator and tells him to move the coins around, so the magician cannot know the positions of the coins.
He then asks the spectator to cover each coin with one of his hands.
One hand covers one coin and the other hand covers the other coin.
The magician then tells him to touch his forehead with one hand and place his other hand in his pocket.
The magician then instructs him to take his hand out of his pocket and place it over the copper coin.
He then tells him to place the hand that was touching his forehead over the silver coin.
The magician turns round and emphasizes that there is no way he could know which hand is covering which coin.
He asks the spectator to silently visualize which coin is under which hand.
Slowly and dramatically, the magician announces which coin is under which hand - and he is correct! The magician repeats the trick and is correct again.
How The Trick Is Done The secret is simple.
The hand that was covering the silver coin is the hand that was touching his forehead.
Because he was touching his forehead, there will be less blood in this hand and this will make the skin color lighter in appearance.
So, you just quickly compare his hands when he is covering the coins.
The hand that looks lighter in color will be the one covering the silver coin.
However, the key here is that you just have a quick glance at his hands and then pay no further attention to them.
You want to create the impression that you are reading his mind - not staring at his hands.
   The method is helped by the fact that after you initially ask him to touch his forehead, you ask him to place his other hand in his pocket.
Then you ask him to cover the copper coin with the hand that was in his pocket.
This confuses the issue and helps to put the spectator off the track from guessing the secret.
It also ensures that his other hand will be held to his head for as long as possible.
The only thing you will have to be careful of when performing this trick is using someone who has a suntan.
If the person has a deep tan, then it can be more difficult to detect the change in skin color.
So, do not use anyone who has a tan.
Keep to pale skins.
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