Stay Healthy With Lower Cholesterol Level

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Cholesterol is necessary for the proper functioning of the cells in the human body. It helps in the manufacture of Vitamin D and hormones which are necessary in order that the digestive system can function well.
Regular consultation with your doctor is very important so that you will be aware of your cholesterol level. Cholesterol and blood pressure are complementary with each other because when your cholesterol level is high this means that your blood pressure is also high. Both must be normal to be free from any heart disease.
Considering that medications are costly, there are alternative and natural remedies which could help you solve problem on your cholesterol and blood pressure. Here are the tips on how to lower cholesterol levels.

Modify your daily meal
Modifications in your daily meal are essential to maintain lower level of cholesterol. Start by eating low cholesterol food for you to stay fit and right and be able to eliminate clogging in the arteries. Have intake of red meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, blueberries, apples, nuts, oat bran or brown rice bran, garlic and olive oil.
Minimize your coffee intake to one to two cups a day. More than this can give bad effects to your health since it can increase your cholesterol levels. Instead, black tea is good. With few glasses intake a day, it can lower cholesterol levels.
In case of orange juices, two glasses would be enough and this can help reduce cholesterol levels. But among the juices, Acai berry is the best. Or, you can have another choice which is cranberry juice.

Olive oil can be used both in cooking and on salads. You can use this as a substitute for butter or margarine especially in preparing your breakfast. Include oatmeal in your breakfast. With the fiber content in it, cholesterol levels can be reduced.
Since garlic is the most effective way of lowering cholesterol levels, it is advisable to use this in the foods you cook. This does not only make the food tastier but it is also good to your health.

Regular exercise and activity can lower cholesterol levels. You have to do the exercise at least thirty minutes in a day. With this, good cholesterol can be formed which can protect a person against heart diseases. The excellent way of doing this is by jogging, walking or a gym exercise with the use of cardiovascular machines.

You can have a better chance of not getting any heart disease if you just follow these things dutifully. Always remember that when your cholesterol levels are too high, arteries can be hardened and blood cannot circulate well to the heart. Besides, there can be less oxygen which will result to difficulty in breathing; hence, you will experience chest pain, stroke or heart failure.
The best remedy then is to maintain lower the level of cholesterol; but not too low or because youll be in high risk of cancer. Checking of cholesterol should be done every five years or as recommended by your doctor.
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