Some tips on Green Home Building and renovation this year

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The reasons behind the green housing being much more sustainable than traditional ones become the primary key point in influencing these types of homes to modern-day home buyers. The demand for eco-friendly houses is seen to be growing incredibly.

In India festival time is the time when most of us gather with our family and friends to celebrate with them. So this is the time when people make efforts to redesign and renovate their house to make it look fresh and repair it if required. Property builders are giving emphasis on green buildings. With the same view property in Ghaziabad hasbeen designed and apartments in Ghaziabad are a good example of the same.


While apartments in Ghaziabad are already designed to be very eco-friendly but still if you are one of those individuals who wish to re-imagine your house and are looking for some more tips, here are some suggestions that you can implement to make-over the looks of your house while making it more friendly to save your money as well as the earth.

Add more plants inside out:- While many of us think that garden is the only part in the house where plants are supposed to be planted but this is not the case. You can plant some greenery even inside the house. Some greens in potted forms which grow up to minimal heights can be added inside the house and can be easily placed in the middle of a center table. Also the plants having light menthol scent should be preferred because that it brings along an aroma that mosquito and other insects cannot survive in.

Use green building materials:- Use of materials that are toxic chemical free is advised to make the house eco-friendly. Many options are available for building materials which are either free of or use very less toxic chemicals, are manufactured through environmentally-friendly processes and save a lot of energy once installed in your home. This includes things like insulation, drywall, and "low-e" windows that are treated with coatings to reduce loss of energy.


Using plastic bottles to Inspire your garden:-  Another eco-friendly idea with plastic bottles is using them on walls instead of selling the empty plastic bottles to junk yards. Plastic bottle-built walls have started to gain attention because of their sustainability. One can actually eliminate the use of hollow blocks to form a wall with ample amount of cement. You can also make colorful patterns with the use of colored cement. For more ideas and different looks and patterns you can browse sites and get yourself inspired.

Using tables made of wood or bamboo:- Wood and bamboo are the two materials that will always be on the hit lists when it comes to tables. Aside from being much cheaper than glass and steel counterparts, they are more eco-friendly too. Their sources are renewable as well. They also have the tendency to lessen the carbon foot print of your household.

Festival time is one of the most apt times to get your home renovated. But the home owner should never forget to keep in mind that while making changes, the environment should always be considered, especially these days when green efforts are strongly required. So be it property in Ghaziabad or property in Noida, ‘go green' should be the prime focus.

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