College Games Vs. NFL Picks: Why Not Bet on College?

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If you're used to betting with NFL picks and other pro sports predictions, it might seem natural to switch to college games. However, you may not realize how different the results can be when you bet on college games instead of the pros. There are many subtle differences between college and pro ball that can impact the outcome of any contest. Those variables - from the sheer number of teams to the increased chance of total upsets - increase the value of getting expert NCAA football picks to help you bet the right lines more profitably. Signing up with a service that provides weekly picks made by expert handicappers could deliver the winning edge you crave.

If you've never bet with sportsbooks before, these quick explanations can help you decide where to place your money. For more detailed advice, turn to experts who really know what's going on, not just on the field and in the locker room, but behind the scenes.

Easy Wins for College Football Picks

The Point Spread

Most people play the point spread to place their wagers. It lets you win money on your bet even if the team you pick loses the game. Take this example:

Alabama is favored to beat Arkansas by 20 points in Saturday's game. If you believe the Tide will beat the Razorbacks by 20 points or more, bet Alabama. If you think Arkansas will lose, but they'll keep the loss to more modest proportions, take Arkansas. If the final score ends up at Alabama 37-Arkansa 23 and you bet on Arkansas, you win because the Razorbacks lost the game but beat the spread.

Not sure what to do? Check with the experts who do NFL picks and college football picks for a living. A typical prediction might tell you that Arkansas will have to outperform their last five games in order to come close to covering the spread, but the Crimson Tide is down one of their top runners. The best football picks will not only give you predictions, it will give you the reasoning behind the picks so you can make up your own mind.

The Moneyline

If you don't want to mess with math and figuring out all the factors for a spread, the moneyline is just a straight-up bet on who's going to win the game. As long as the team you pick wins by 1 point, you win your bet. Of course, the sportsbooks will assign odds to the favorites and underdogs. The higher the odds, the more money you'll win if you pick the right team. A successful bet against high odds on an underdog can pay off big - but there are reasons teams are favored to win or lose.

Listening to the right experts can give you an edge if you like rooting for underdogs. Check around to find handicappers with a great record of NFL picks and predictions and sign up to receive expert NCAA football picks every week.
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