How Do You Clean Car Dvd Players?

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Recent years, car DVD player has been very well-known on the market of automotive electronics, and more and more people choose a car DVD player as the in-car entertainment system. However, many people don't know what functions a car DVD player exactly comes with, though they have purchased one. People who own a private car usually tends to have a good car DVD player in the vehicle so that they can get both entertainment and convenience during the journey. In the automotive aftermarket, there are various models of car DVD players. Double din car DVD player now can be the most common model, but is also the hottest one mainly because of its multiple functions in providing wonderful amusement and easy operation. Once you have installed a new dvd player for your car, one of the questions that is quite annoying is how to clean car dvd players?

Exterior Cleaning: The exterior of the DVD player can be cleaned with simple household items, like rubbing alcohol and seltzer water. Use a cotton clot, lint free cloth or a cotton swab and apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to it. You could also clean the vent by using a can of compressed air. It can be softly sprayed into the vent, to clear out the dust build up. Gently rub the exterior of the player. While alcohol has the advantage of evaporating quickly, seltzer water has an increased cleansing action due to the carbonation it contains. Use the cloth to clean the player's vent areas, where dust might have accumulated. Avoid a duster, as it might just end up pushing the dust further inside. Cleaning the vents of the DVD player is of utmost importance, as heat dissipating from the inside of your player might not be allowed to escape, causing it to overheat.

Interior Cleaning: When your DVD does not load, or skips, and you note deterioration in the audio or video signals, it may indicate the fact, that you need to clean the interior of your DVD player. This usually entails the cleaning of the lens of your player, which can ensure that the disc is being read properly. The easiest, most hassle free way of doing this, is by buying a lens cleaning disc. These DVD cleaning discs are easily available in the market and are often recommended as the first troubleshooting method, when you are trying to repair a DVD player, that is having difficulty reading discs. They contain bristles, situated on top of the disc, so that when the disc is inserted into the player, the disc begins to spin and the raised bristles on it dust the lens. Once the cleaning cycle of the cleaning discs is complete, the lens should be clean. If the interior of your DVD player is very dirty, you might have to repeat this process once or twice to get a good result. You are not always suggested to clean the Interior of your dvd player, just in case to cause some unnecessary harm to the unit.

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