Tips for Easily Potty Training Boys

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    • Don't try to start potty training your son until he is ready. The youngest some children start potty training is 18 months, according to Baby Center, but some begin much later. Show your little boy the potty and how it works, but wait until he shows an interest in using it to begin training. Beginning too early can confuse him and prolong the time until he is actually potty trained.

    Let Him Sit

    • Men urinate while standing, but that doesn't mean a toddler has to learn that way. Sitting will make it easier for him to understand the potty because it can be confusing to have him stand when he needs to urinate, but make him sit when he needs to defecate. Once he's fully potty trained, he can begin standing. According to, mothers typically have most of the potty-training duties, and that may be why girls normally become potty trained faster than boys. It's easier to imitate what Mommy does. So let your little boy imitate Mommy, too.

    Potty Chair

    • The large toilet in your bathroom is likely too big for your toddler. It may seem scary to him and he may be afraid of falling in the water. Get him his own potty chair and keep it in the bathroom for him. Having his own potty also might motivate him to want to use it.


    • Motivate him by buying him some cool underwear. Choose some that are brightly colored or have his favorite cartoon characters on them. This will make him want to get rid of the diapers more quickly, so he can wear his "big boy" underwear.

    Keep Him Occupied

    • In the beginning, your toddler will probably have to sit on the toilet for a little while before he's ready to go. This is because he hasn't yet learned how to make himself go to the bathroom. Little boys are often on the go, and don't want to sit and wait on the potty. Keep some books, coloring books and other small toys near his potty to keep his interest so he won't want to leave the potty so quickly. If you try to force him to stay on the potty when he doesn't want to, the potty will become punishment for him. This will prolong his potty training.


    • When he uses the potty, make a big deal out of it. Cheer for him, give him a high five, let him go outside and play, or give him a treat that he really loves. Positive reinforcement is the best way to make him want to use the potty again.

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