How to Troubleshoot a Bissell Little Green

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    Clean Tank, Solution Tank and Spray Issues

    • 1). Make sure that the power cord has not been pulled out of the wall. If the power cord is still plugged in, check the outlet's controlling fuse or breaker. The fuse or the breaker may need to be replaced.

    • 2). Check the spray nozzle for clogs. If it is clogged, the spray will be reduced or non-existent.

    • 3). Check to make sure that the clean tank and the solution tank are full. If there is no liquid in either of them, no liquid will come out of the spray nozzle.

    • 4). Check the insert in the bottom of the clean/solution tank reset breaker for clogs. If no solution can get out of the tank, the spray will be reduced or non-existent.

    • 5). Prime the pump. If the pump loses its prime, the spray will be reduced. To prime the pump, squeeze the clean tank while simultaneously depressing the spray trigger.

    Suction Issues

    • 1). Make sure that the upholstery/carpet tool is level with the surface of the carpet or upholstery. If it is not level, the Bissell Little Green will not pick up cleaning solution efficiently.

    • 2). Check the collection tank. If it is full of dirty water, the Bissell Little Green will not pick up any more cleaning solution. Once the collection tank is empty the Bissell Little Green will pick up solution again.

    • 3). Check the upholstery/carpet tool brush. If its bristles have been worn down, they may not be able to pick up the cleaning solution.

    • 4). Check to make sure that the switch on the TurboBrush is switched to the "brush" position. If it is not, the brush will not turn and the Bissell will not pick up any solution.

    • 5). Point the tool on the vacuum flex hose upward. Excess solution in the vacuum flex hose will cause the Bissell Little Green to stop picking up cleaning solution. Positioning the hose vertically will allow any excess solution to drain back into the collection tank.

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