Non-mainstream Melee In The Treatment Of Monks Also Did Well

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Non-mainstream melee in the treatment of monks also did well

In my opinion any occupation, any genre, any practices are no better or worse, thousands of Avenue I take one. I do not think the the melee type monks orthodox treatment mode, but do not think the monks like crazy melee pass as useless. These two days look at 5.1PTR felt to feel that big chopping knife Browse Posts countless monks melee monks feel useless fool the therapeutic dose, only 25 people in the 10-man team. I do not agree with. Here's what some of my personal humble opinion.

First talk I view some understanding of the monks, forget which posts, and some friends have been saying melee monks regular attacks is a lie to the treatment volume, really needed him useless, only can do just treatment of others top into excess. See here, then I want to send a post to respond. I do not understand these views. The melee monks is much like an output recovery Germany, in my opinion, there are two-thirds of the group brush ability Shaman. (Do not have big strokes) Excuse me, can you say the druid team is in constant use HOT cheat therapeutic dose, and the treatment of others top into excess? The idea I really think that is an insult for melee monks.

Pull away, melee monks as well as traditional monks us. I was a tour to learn outside of the young monk, the Association regarded as a semi-casual guild. The week also is playing a three-night kind of, dare with my domestic accommodating talent than progress. This week, the heart of the fear of the night brush again magic treasure trove of ancient mountain and then over an old one. Opened 90 I increase the blood is in this rumor of the monks showed their therapeutic mechanism attracted back. This is before all the treatment did not have (the year sm rub Lightning Bolt back to the Blue Stream overlooked). From the beginning of 5H do not quite understand the skills, to see everyone exchanges around nga dare not say "testicular" melee monks, but for this career can be considered have some insight there understand. When I made ??this post and did not want to do what a violent contrast with the traditional monks. Just wish to say, melee monks can play a big role in the 10-man team, like. I believe we saw the monks nerf, also know Blizzard is hope that more and more people to try melee the monks (PS: Tucao about the modifications of recovery fog, true tm eggs sub).

The old one would not have to say, the entire process in the case of beaten Lions hold on, keep the good dragon pillow buff attacks easily hurt. Float the green word considerable, especially mobile station boss, simply melee monks play place.

Old two slightly pit, but the support of jasper blast, double kick plus a turtle camp Qigong 2 recovery + Raytheon tea + soul of the town, can not say the RCC Shaman, but absolutely no more than shaman plus the difference.

Old Needless to say, the door to go to the town of the town of soul soul soul of the town.

Old and 4 is the fight who is playing who, the increase of blood to increase blood Loot.

Ability to start from the old 5 melee monks auxiliary team output began embodies. Whether it is the first phase of DPS squeezing big strange, or play fight pillars, monks can play the role well. Some would say, even if you can play, can play dps? I admit that we can do is a small part of the output. However, when a fire method to play small ball N not crit, sent a small, for the first time will be able to pressure into 5 balls, you know this is a very tiny part of melee monks, sometimes will have a very big role. The last stage, make up the Green Dragon statue, and then repeat the old cycle, while the turtle camp qigong or normal attack, this whole thing together, and output and increase the blood last 6w about the HPS is definitely not a dream (yesterday see someone melee monks play only 2w, I do not know why).

Old and 6 is the most wasteland has been ground to the last dps melee the monks most interesting a king, is not enough. When I was with the the traditional monks plus blood, single plus T 1 feeling blue enough 2 feel and does not come up. Know what to do. So the second RL let me steal dps, hide Fifth Company together with T cut, very easy on-off. . . Have to say, three times a tumbling treatment monks flexibility to give the melee. The Titans gas group brush, go back to the crowd the 5 attached stations continue to hide before rolling back. Tigers palm side to hide again playing. Even cut finished Tank eat the boss first knife a prompt leapt full on, give the treatment of T do not know how much help. Coupled with the last Nenggen Finally dps output. I could not find the old and without The melee monks reasons (basically my old 6 even cut to the skills that can hit 6.5M or so, sometimes more, sometimes less).

As for the fear of old, while hiding the sonic side of the Tigers, coupled with Glyph of Ascension and saved not know how much volume will be small circle of death DPS. Mind control stage do not know why, then the Tigers palm, every time without treatment skills dps is cut back control of my attitude.

Watching those accused sm cross leapt ah, what the pastor singing directly to open a large skills ah, I always laughed off the language in the side. . .

As for the fear after the boss, because I've only seen the first four Raiders. I think the output of the melee can have a great space to play, because have not played temporarily, the need to keep the majority of the auspices of the abbot to study ... I hope the traditional monks can teach me how to increase blood why I use the traditional addition always feel blue enough, 25% of the mechanism and soothe the fog is too look at the face, sometimes almost infuriating but deceitful act there is recovery cd, forcing me to turn a roundhouse kick and then esc readout a dense. . . Time feeling really pit father. . .

Overall, melee monks is definitely not suitable for the role of the 10-person team of soy sauce .... hope to have more people to join the army of melee monk ~ ~ ~

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