How to Spice Up Your Blog Posts

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How spicy is your blog at the moment? Is it full of life or is it looking rather dull and flat? Is it good to read? Do you get lots of positive comments from readers? Or do you feel your blog posts are missing something essential? If you think your blog could do with some pizazz, there are plenty of ways you can make this happen.
The first option is to keep things topical whenever you can.
No matter what your blog is about, there will be current news and views you can draw on for inspiration.
This has the added benefit of being able to bring a bigger stream of traffic in, since more people are likely to be searching for information on the subject.
Don't be afraid to speak your mind.
Not only are you entitled to your own opinion, it will make your blog posts livelier too.
People are more likely to notice and read blog posts that catch their attention.
And you can do just that by announcing your feelings about a specific and relevant topic in the title of your post.
Use your blog posts to announce other items that will be coming in the future.
For example if you have a plan to try some kind of thirty day experiment on your blog, don't keep it to yourself.
Tell people about it - and tell them in advance! This will generate excitement and enthusiasm for what you are going to do, and people will come back to see how you do it.
The bottom line is that you should think before you write anything.
Ask yourself whether your blog post is boring, average or simply meandering along.
Could it be spicy, exciting or controversial instead? It should be at least one of the last three - so make sure you start spicing up your blog posts now.
You'll love the increased traffic it will bring you.
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