Earlier Signs of Pregnancy: Most Accurate Pregnant Symptoms

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The symptoms we are about to discuss will determine whether you should consider getting a urine test, or use a digital pregnancy test, available at any pharmacy and many convenience stores. This will give you an advantage at acquiring prenatal care; the earlier you prepare your body for it's most intricate change, the better chance of a problem-free pregnancy: if there is such a thing. Lifestyle changes, as we mentioned in an earlier post, will be a must to ensure a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Missing Your Period

Missing your period is usually one of the first signs of being pregnant. However, the other signs discussed could appear before missing your period. The latter could also be a list of other serious health conditions; contact your local healthcare professional immediately if you are not pregnant and miss your period. If, however, the missed period is in fact because you are pregnant, you will not have another for the duration of the pregnancy.

An Earlier Signs to Pregnancy Checklist

Breast Tenderness and Swelling

According to Medical Professionals around the world, tenderness and swelling of the breasts can occur as early as two weeks following conception. Tenderness can also produce sharp pains in the nipples, more predominantly in cold temperatures. The swelling of the breasts occurs due to an intense release of hormones following conception. Try your best to steer clear of caffeine and foods high in sodium; this should decrease the swelling and pain.

Morning Sickness

This widely used term is probably one of THE most common early symptoms for most women; keep in mind, pregnancy is different for everyone, and most of the time, every birth. Studies have shown that approximately half of all pregnant women feel nauseous in the first few months of pregnancy. A person with nausea will not necessarily vomit; this is a common misconception. Although it is called Morning Sickness it can strike at any hour of the day, however, is usually more intense in the morning. To alleviate some of this sickness, try eating lots of carbohydrates and sticking to lots of small meals as opposed to large servings.


Due to the extensive release of progesterone at the beginning of a pregnant woman's cycle, a common symptom is drowsiness, sleepiness, and tiredness. It is vital to get sufficient sleep during the night to offset the fatigue apparent during the day; taking short naps throughout the day can prevent burnout. And, like always, eating properly will greatly increase and maintain your energy throughout the day. Stick to your proteins, and a few more carbs than usual; you should be laughing.

Cravings for Food

Cravings for food start in the earliest stages of pregnancy and last throughout the entire three trimesters. This is perfectly natural and healthy if monitored properly. Don't just stuff yourself; I know, it can be tough: balance entire meals and snacks appropriately and be sure to get slightly more protein and fat than usual. We must remember, we are trying to feed another life inside of us, so you will need a little bit more of everything; but, ration meals with caution: over-eating causes a lack of energy and is poor for the baby's health. By balancing proteins, fats and carbohydrates effectively, we can sustain our energy for extended periods of time.

Urinating Frequently

This often occurs between the sixth and eighth week of pregnancy, however, this may differ from one pregnancy to the next. This happens as the fetus begins to grow and expand the uteral walls; restricting the area available for the bladder causing the urination. If this so happens to become an issue, avoid drinking large amounts of liquids at once. Be sure to pace yourself throughout the day with all of your activities. Carrying around that extra weight WILL be tough.

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