Pigeon Control for the Big Apple

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New Yorkers will tell you that the pigeon problem is everywhere. At brunch style outdoor restaurants, they silently wiggle their way beneath the tables and chairs. One can barely cross his or her legs without the risk of brushing a foot against the filthy birds. They bob and weave and hysterically flap their wings at the slightest irritation. Yes, you can shoo them away with a menu or a napkin, but they come right back. At some restaurants, they've developed the nerve to hop onto empty tables or lounge on the backs of chairs. They've even been known to take food from a child's hand. Without pigeon control, things can get pretty chaotic.

At the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, pigeons have a nasty habit of snatching away breakfasts and defecating on commuters. Urban pigeons dominate city plazas, street-side cafes and monuments. Their droppings plaster Times Square in New York, where they peck endlessly at crumbs or leftover food.

Not helping matters are the people who love to feed the pigeons near commercial food establishments. They draw pigeons to these stores and restaurants creating a nuisance for customers. In some stores, the smells and bacteria from the pigeons are sucked through the ventilation system and can literally cause patrons to leave the store. Pigeon control here is strongly recommended.

Outside, in areas like Times Square and other major intersections, food cart vendors complain of pigeons annoying customers and interfering with business transactions. The smells of pigeons and their droppings near a food cart can be quite overwhelming.

Storeowners in the Big Apple also complain of dead pigeons on sidewalks and entryways to their establishments. Air conditioning units, gutters and downspouts are often clogged with pigeon feathers and nests, causing AC units to jam up and roofs to leak.  Pigeon control can save storeowners hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

For commercial property owners who have an occasional pigeon problem or are simply bothered by a few pigeons, a Bird Motel will often suffice. These catch-and-release pigeon control motels are ideal for relocating just a few annoying pigeons. They can be placed virtually anywhere pigeons like to gather. The best motels feature an easy-access door and are constructed of galvanized wire so they won't rust or corrode.

If, on the other hand, you have a store sign or ledge that attracts pigeons by the dozen, you might look into installing some Bird Spikes. The king of pigeon control devices, bird spikes keep virtually any flying pest from landing. To assuage your bird loving customers, they are harmless to birds, pets and people. Spikes come in either rigid U.V.-resistant unbreakable polycarbonate or the longer-lasting, slightly more expensive stainless steel models. You can even get spikes in a variety of colors--including white, tan, gray, black, brown, brick red and crystal clear. The spikes are easily glued or screwed to any surface. The Big Apple is beautiful with the right pigeon control.
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