Benefits of Guest Blogging

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Benefits of Guest Blogging

* Higher Rankings Search Engine

Your guest posts will have links in them back to your site. These links are usually "dofollow" which in short means they carry value for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can use these links to send visitors back to your site and to rank higher for your keywords in the search engines.

* New Relationships

Writing for another site is a great way to build upon or start a new relationship with a blogger in your niche. You can never know too many people, especially those who have influence in your niche. You will also get to interact with some of their readers when replying to commemts on your post.

Now you know why guest blogging is a useful promotional tool, but it's also important to understand what the host blogger gets out of the exchange.

* Targeted Traffic

Your post will be read by host blog's visitors and some of them will click on the links leading back to your site. You will receive varying amounts of traffic depending on the site you've written for and also the strength of your call-to-action. While this will vary a lot, guest posta are generally a good source of targeted traffic.

* Social Followers

Most popular blogs have large social followings. Your post will get shared by the blogger you wrote for and also by their followers. Be sure to include your own Twitter handle and other profile links at the end of your post so that you gain new followers through this process.

How To Find Google Host Blogs

1. Google Blog Search

You can easily find host blogs with Google. Just enter a query for a general term or category that describes your site's niche. Next,click the blog button that appears on the left-hand sidebar of Google to search for blogs in your niche.

When visiting these blogs, look for guest posting guidelines or posts that show up as by "guest author" or another blogger's name.

2. Look at your competitors' backlinks

* You can use software to find your website's links.

* You cannot use software to find all of your backlinks.

There are many tools available that will let you uncover where your website, or anyone else's website, is getting linked to from. They will never find and show all of them(only Google really knows), but often times they will help you discover a large portion of them.

To apply this to finding guest blogs, you can use a backlink checker on a competitor's site and find blogs they've guest posted for. You can then write a post of your own for each of these blogs.

My favorite tool for backlink discovery and analysis is SEO Spyglass.

When you look at your competitors' backlinks you will come across all different types of links and among these will likely be guest posts. You can then contact the site owner or find their guest post policy on these sites and submit your own article.

The quickest way to sort out the guest post links from other links when using SEO Spyglass is to sort the links by "dofollow". Every guest post I've ever done has provided me with "dofollow" links. This makes it really easy to sort through and find which links are coming from guest posts.


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