Why You Are Not Getting The Feedback You Want When You Text Her

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It can feel like an isolating experience to send off a text message to a woman you like and then sit around and wait and realize that she just isn't responding to you at all. Just as bad is when she does respond but it ends up being a curt response that makes you feel like she really didn't want to hear from you in the first place. What are you supposed to do when you are not getting the feedback that you want when you text a woman?

The first thing that I have to say is that you shouldn't overreact to a situation like this. When you do overreact because you are not getting the feedback from her that you want, you are more than likely going to make the situation worse than it is.

Here are some possible reasons why you are not getting the feedback that you want when you text a woman:

1. You have caught her at the wrong time and she is just too busy to respond accordingly.

It's easy to forget that when you send a woman a text message that she might be busy doing something and therefore just doesn't have the time to respond at all or to respond the way that you would like her to. When you are sending someone a message via text, you always want to keep in mind that just because you are not very busy at that moment, it doesn't mean that they aren't. She might be caught up in doing something that she can't break away from just to attend to her cell phone.

2. She doesn't feel the same amount of attraction that you do.

This ends up being one of the more common reasons. You really like her and you assume that she feels just as strongly, but that might not be the case. Even if she does like you a little, it may not be on the same level that you are attracted to her. So, she may not feel the "need" to get in touch with you because she just doesn't feel that level of attraction that you do.

3. You haven't given her a reason to respond.

The more open ended you are with your texts, the more likely it is that she will respond. So, instead of just sending a text that says "Hi" why not send a text that says "Hey, what are you up to? Are you busy?" When you give her an open ended text, she has a reason to respond back and when you don't, then you don't really give her a reason to respond. You'll get far more responses if you leave things open ended because that's just the way that people tend to communicate with one another.
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