Remembering Your Old Friends!

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Your relatives are thrust upon you, but your friends are of your own choosing.
But your relatives will still be relatives 20 years from now, and you have forgotten the name of your friend from school with whom you once bunked classes.
Does it sound familiar? As we grow, and left school to attend college, we leave behind our old friends and make new friends.
Then we leave college to join the work force and again make new friends.
Then we change jobs and even newer friends come into our lives.
Then one fine day you get a phone call and your old friend from school wants you to be his best man.
It is his marriage.
You get excited and tell him how long it's been since you met last.
Was it 8 years? And you are already married, and even forgot to invite him to your wedding.
Won't you feel guilty? Here is this best friend from school who still remembers you, and wants you to be his best man.
So, what happened? How did you forget your best friend? It was your fault and yours alone, and it is your duty to keep with your friends, for they are the only true friends you will ever make.
Our friends from work are more colleagues than friends, most of the time, and we must always remember our old friend.
Here are a few tips: 1)Always mark your Scheduler or calendar with all your old friends Birthdays, and always call them up on their birthdays.
Birthdays are a great occasion to remember your friends.
2)Always remember your friends in Christmas, and send at least a greeting card.
3)Mailing groups are a great way to catch up with friends.
Other than e-groups, it is good to keep a mailing list where you forward funny mails and the like.
It has become very much easier today to keep up with old friend.
4)Join a social network and form communities with your old friends.
5)Call them up occasionally and share your Ups and downs.
You will be surprised at how much more they are helpful than your new friends from work.
6)Celebrate your friendship by get-together at least once every year.
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