Blackberry 8820 Smartphone - The Best Substitute For Your Laptop

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There is not a lot that the all new Blackberry 8820 doesn't have.
It comes loaded with all the things that you have come to know and expect from a Blackberry and much more.
One look at the black, elegant and slim body and you will be hooked.
But, it's what's under the hood that'll really blow your mind.
The phone has all the main features that the Blackberry smartphones are famous for.
Quick and easy e-mailing thanks to the QWERTY keyboard.
You get the benefits of text and instant messaging not to mention the easy to use web-browser.
You can use your phone as a tethered modem to be used by your PC or Laptop.
Then there are features like; a good quality Speakerphone, Voice Activated Dialing and dedicated keys for send, etc.
The screen has a high resolution and the battery is long-lasting.
But, these are not the only reasons why the Blackberry 8820 is the phone everybody must have.
What sets this phone apart is the presence of Wi-Fi support.
The phone lets you make voice calls over the Wi-Fi network, if your carrier allows it too.
The phone is able to switch from voice calls on Wi-Fi to those on the GSM network with considerable ease.
By providing this kind of support this phone pits itself directly against the laptop.
Imagine being able to connect to your Wi-Fi network, surf the internet and take care of all your e-mailing all from the palm of your hand.
With a feature like that it's clear that the Blackberry 8820 is bound to become your favorite gadget, ever! You can take care of all your contacts, schedules and much more using the organizer provided and this phone will also let you track your location using the Global Positioning System.
The GPS can also be used for applications that use location data.
These can then aid in navigation.
Most importantly you can access your company data anywhere, anytime.
The accessing will be secure and foolproof, thus allowing you to not miss a beat, wherever you are.
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