Alternative Fuel Sources - Cheaper And Eco-Friendly

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As responsible human beings it is our moral duty that we leave this world a better place than we got it from our ancestors.
There is an ardent need for saving the environment that is being polluted by emissions given out by the extensive use of gasoline.
The conventional and traditional fuel sources are becoming more and more expensive to extract and their indiscriminate use in the past century has resulted in their depletion.
Alarm bells have already started ringing that these storehouses of natural fuel sources will reach critically low levels and precipitate a crisis much earlier than we think.
However there are promising discoveries that give hope that before any crisis occurs, mankind would have perfected and commercialized alternate sources of fuel that will be eco- friendly and affordable too.
Bio-diesel is one such alternate fuel source that is extracted from plants.
Also known as E 85, bio-diesel is partly renewable.
Its contents of 15% gasoline and 85% ethanol mean that it is at least better than using pure gasoline.
Although such alternate fuel sources like E 85 score above gasoline, they still pollute and require a vast amount of corn to be grown which in turn translates into availability of lesser land for growing food for people.
Presently, electric cars seem to be the best alternate fuel source that we have, if we are to conserve our natural fuel sources.
They are efficient because all of the electricity that they need can be generated at one central location.
It is a much better option than consuming petroleum derivatives and polluting more by using small and inefficient combustion motors.
Electricity can be produced in any manner that suits the needs on a particular location depending on the resources it has.
One can use coal, hydro-electric or wind to produce this electricity that is required for electric cars.
The ultimate alternate fuel source, of course is your own legs on bike peddles.
Peddle power is becoming increasingly popular as none of the other alternate fuel sources has completely panned out.
Bio-diesel is not widely available and the power that the electric cars allow has not been perfected as yet.
The bike is really a flawless machine for short to medium commutes.
You will be in better shape, save some money, and do the environment a favor as well.
So, before switching on the ignition of the vehicle, ask yourself if it would not be easier to walk or ride.
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