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More space - More energy - More time Less stress - Less expense - Less work There have been times in my life when I felt out of control.
No matter what decisions I made, nothing seemed right.
Daily activities overwhelmed me.
I had difficulty focusing on projects and I knew deep down in my heart I was not in the right place.
When these moments creep into my daily activities, I stop and look around.
More often than not, clutter has taken control.
When your home is cluttered and disorganized, other areas of life are muddled as well.
Experts tell us that there is a direct correlation between inner-self and personal environment.
Clutter can zap energy and produce sluggishness.
Piles of accumulated stuff make it difficult to concentrate and complete simple tasks.
Peace and contentment erode as clutter builds.
No matter what forces are dragging you down, you can dramatically improve your life, both personally and professionally, by tackling the accumulated excess--the clutter.
When you begin to face the demons of clutter, you will begin to experience abundant living.
The choice is yours, so choose wisely.
Benefits of being clutter-free Clearing your spaces is more than just uncovering the surface of the dining table, the kitchen counter or desk.
It is a process to discover what makes you truly happy.
There is freedom when there is breathing space.
There is freedom when you know what you have and where it is located.
There is truth to the old adage, "a place for everything and everything in its place.
" Abundant living means needing what you have and having what you need.
Roadblocks As you progress in your clutter-clearing project, you can be sure you will encounter roadblocks in the form of fears, insecurities and habits you have accumulated over the years.
If you find yourself intimidated, frozen in place, and unable to proceed to the next level, being aware of these obstacles may help you avoid them.
--Lack of self-confidence contaminates your ability to make wise choices.
--The need to feel safe, comfortable and in control hinders exploration in a new direction or challenge.
--Needing to do everything the right way will immediately throw you into hostile territory.
Try something and if it does not work, then switch gears.
--Take care of yourself first before you care for others.
Do not get caught up in the negative connotation of selfishness.
Remember this is your journey, not someone else's.
--Resistance to a new perspective is natural, but excuses are deadly.
--Perfectionism is a mighty obstacle.
Let it go! --Just because a suggestion seems impossible does not mean that it is.
Relax and let it happen.
"There is no thrill quite like doing something you didn't know you could.
"Marjorie Holmes The Challenge The process of clearing clutter is not easy.
It requires searching your soul, shifting priorities, and approaching daily tasks in a new way.
It involves changing behaviors and choosing wisely.
There is always more than one solution for the same problem.
There is no right way for everyone.
Each situation is unique and every challenge should be approached differently.
One person's solution may be just what you need; another may be suitable for someone else.
Take the process one step at a time.
If you need help along the way, ask.
"Your house is your home only when you feel you have jurisdiction over the space.
"-Joan Kron, Author of "Home-Psych"
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