Evergreen Plants for Lawn Landscaping

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    • Plant selection is an important part of lawn landscaping. A yard planted with deciduous plants may look attractive in the summer, but when plants lose leaves in the spring and fall, deciduous plants can look barren. Evergreen plants are popular in landscaping as they do not lose leaves and therefore can look attractive all year round, even during cold and snowing winter months. There are many types of popular evergreen landscaping plants.


    • Pines are a common type of needle-growing plants, often recommended for landscaping, notes the University of Minnesota Extension. Scotch and Austrian pines can exceed 20 feet at maturity. Planting these trees around a lawn can provide shade for shade-loving plants and garden beds. The Mugo pine is a small, rounded, dense shrub suitable for bordering a lawn.


    • Boxwood is a broad-leaved evergreen plant, densely-packed with small, leathery leaves that can produce a significant amount of new growth each season. According to the Virginia Cooperative Extension, boxwood "can be easily pruned to any desired shape." Boxwood requires regular trimming to keep from losing the desired shape, however. Short boxwood hedges can border a lawn without obscuring it.


    • Pachysandra is an evergreen groundcover, planted to fill in areas between other plants, or around a lawn to prevent weed invasion. Pachysandra tends to spread across open ground, and can exceed 10 inches in height. It performs well in shaded areas, covering the ground under large trees.


    • Yews are a common type of evergreen with flat needles and a dark green color. Yews come in various types such as shrub-like yews that grow in all directions and upright yews that are more cone-shaped. According to the University of Missouri, "yews will withstand almost any exposure and will grow in any reasonably good garden soil that has good drainage." Their hardiness makes them an attractive option to border lawns in many places with cold winters.


    • Arborvitae is an evergreen tree with scaly leaves that tends to grow rapidly in all directions. A single plant can easily exceed 10 feet in height and width. Arborvitaes may require regular trimming to make them keep their shape. According to the University of Missouri, arborvitae tends to have a short lifespan, but gardeners can often purchase them in spring at discount prices. Arborvitae are ideal for filling in large, bare areas around lawns, as an alternative to planting many smaller plants or creating thick border hedges.

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