Internal Hemorrhoid Symptoms

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Hemorrhoids is not a topic that most of us would feel comfortable with.
This is primarily due to the embarrassment factor attached to it.
Most people feel embarrassed to admit that they are suffering from hemorrhoids, even when they have been suffering from the condition for a very long period of time.
Unlike what most people believe, the condition is not at all rare and affects a large number of people.
As a matter of fact, it is estimated, that around half the American population suffers from this condition.
The reason why it is believed to be rare is that most people do not seek medical attention, until the condition gets totally out of control.
The condition has become quite common in the recent times.
The busy life that we have in the twenty first century has offered us, apart from immense comfort, a lazy lifestyle, along with improper eating habits, junk foods, carbonated drinks, lack of physical exercises, obesity, over dependence on laxatives and various other features, including the modern style of toilets, which contribute effectively towards the growth of this condition.
Apart from these, other factors, such as pregnancy, old age, lifting of heavy weights, standing or sitting in one position for long times, as well as coughing and sneezing are other factors, which are associated with the condition.
The condition is marked by appearance of lumps, near the anal opening, inside or outside the rectum.
It is usually accompanied by bleeding and pain, apart from itching and general discomfort.
However, of all the causes, constipation is the most common cause of this condition.
As a person suffering from constipation puts strain while passing of stools.
This leads to the appearance of lumps around the rectal opening.
Hemorrhoids can be broadly classified into two categories, i.
external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids.
In case of external hemorrhoids, the lump formation takes place outside the rectum, near the anal opening.
On the other hand, internal hemorrhoids are characterized by appearance of protrusions inside the rectum, near the rectal opening.
Both the conditions are painful.
However, internal hemorrhoids are considered to be more dangerous, as the lumps tend to bulge out of the anus, when they get enlarged.
This leads to a very painful condition and requires immediate medical attention.
Internal hemorrhoids are generally painless during the initial stages and the only symptom which is visible during this condition is that of bleeding while passing of stools.
Now, bleeding can be caused due to other reasons, and therefore, it is always better, to get medical attention, as soon as possible.
In any case, the condition needs medical treatment and with its help, the condition can be treated effectively, to provide you with a normal life.
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