Here Is Why The Iphone 4 Tops All Others

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Apple Inc. has newly released the newest version of its popular smart phone, the iPhone 4. In fact, the quality of phones from the iPhone series is continuingly improving and more and more new features are included in this phone. If you have an iPhone 4 then there are a few things you need to learn about it first so that you can utilize it's features to the best of your ability.

The iPhone 4 features an amazing 2 cameras for even more advanced talking. Obviously, having two cameras in a cell phone is not that big, but the way Apple designed them is what truly makes it different. But for iPhone, the design of 2 cameras is breathtaking. The new iPhone 4 makes it very convenient for both the caller and the receiver to have a true conference call. The iPhone4 still retains the camera commonly found on the back of the phone. But the quality of the camera is improved as well.

This camera, in the newest version of the 4G iPhone, the camera has 5 megapixels and there is also a built in LED flash. This camera makes it simple to snap photographs, and the user can be assured that the pictures will be of superior quality. Previous users of the iPhone series have been waiting for a high quality camera to be included; it makes snapping pictures and uploading them to social networking sites a breeze. With the iPhone 4, they can no do this.

Not only is the camera on the iPhone 4 improved, but you can multitask a lot easier with it too. Now, users can download applications from other companies and will be able to go from app to app easily and quickly. Because of the way Apple has changed the multi-tasking feature on the phone, running more than one app is not going to cause the phone to slow down in any way.

Moreover, thanks to improved noise filtering advances, people can hear their callers on the iPhone much more clearly. Apple did this by adding two microphones to the iPhone 4. This allows both the caller and receiver to have unlimited talking without having to worry about outside noise, no matter the situation.

Even with all these advancements, the iPhone 4 is still does not weigh that much coming in at 137 grams. But the functioning of the phone is better than the previous phones. With the better camera, this phone is capable of fighting against other smart phones in the market and it is expected that the phone would remain competitive in the coming years. If you are in the market for other iPhones rather than the most current version, the iPhone 3GS Black is available in 16 GB and 32 GB versions; since these phones have been previously unlocked, there is no need to attempt to unlock them on your own.

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