Internet Marketing vs Traditional Offline businesses

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Please excuse me if I try to convince you why I love online and internet marketing, hopefully my excitement will inspire you too. You see all my life I have been surrounded by traditional businesses. I am the son of a shopkeeper and grew up in a corner shop, when I left school I went to work with my uncle who had his own Joinery business where I learned the same traditional business system.

After working for myself in several ventures what have I learnt? To avoid off line businesses altogether! Why?

Take my father for instance, he worked long hours each day, the weekends were often interrupted by trips to the suppliers for stock, several thousand pounds worth of stock that had to be paid for and put out on display with little mark up. Stock that could easily be stolen by sticky fingered ‘scallys'. If you didn't have enough stock the shop looked empty and no one would come in. You could only sell to those who lived in the surrounding streets or if you were lucky people who were passing through the area.

As for my days as a self employed Joiner, It was the same set up. My customers were local and I  regularly had to buy in the materials that were to be used on jobs before the customer paid me. I could be waiting weeks and months for the customer to pay up. On some occasions they would never pay up! Which itself would bring up a new set of problems. Not nice.

Internet Marketing on the other hand done properly can free you from the day job, making you financially free and giving you more time to spend with friends and family. For example the American Internet Marketer Armand Morin invested $100 that made him $87,000 in the first week of sales. The English Marketer Jon Street made £30,000 in 24hrs when he released a product he created around a book he didn't even write!

Think about the internet for a minute, anyone in the world can access any site from around the world, with 6 billion people on planet earth, how many of those are online?  I can tell you that Facebook alone has over 500 million users. That is more than the combined populations of the United States, United kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.

A recent poll showed that 5 online videos were seen by over 600 million people.  That is just 5 short films! Imagine if 1 film with a viewing audience of 120 million was able to send 1% of its crowd to a website where they bought a product for just £1, you would make a cool £1.2million. Getting excited yet?

 You don't need numbers as big as that, today  top marketers like Tim Lowe regularly make 6-7 figure incomes from selling high quality products that they sell at a premium to far smaller numbers. Products that cost very little to produce and can be made at home.

The digital age has opened up the doors for the average person to make a six figure income from the comfort of their own home. With digital downloads, reproduction costs no longer apply, just the initial product creation cost, and many products can be made at home for free using a simple home computer.

With potentially millions of customers seeking out products that YOU can make easily and cheaply at home then I ask, how can you fail to make a six figure income online?
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